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World Studies II

Evaluate Your Resources!

Regardless of your resources, you must still evaluate the information.  Is it

  • accurate (Can the information be supported by your other evidence/research?  What else have you found?)
  • authoritative (Is the author or sponsoring organization credible?  Why do you think so?  What evidence do you have?)
  • objective (Is the information fact or opinion?  Be careful--scientific publications often include opinion pieces as well as primary research!)
  • currency (When was the information published?  Dynamic or static?  Published magazines/journals are static and have publication dates.  Open web resources can have misleading date information.)
  • useful (What was the intended purpose of the source?  Was it meant to be used by research scientists?  By children?  Is your use of the information resource appropriate?  How might you use this source?)


The Nutrition Source

Nutrition Data

Mainstream Nutrition Myth Buster

Choose My Plate

Eat Right





Don't Be Fooled by Fake News!

Image of Infographic on How to Spot Fake News