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World Studies II

Quick Library (Print Book) Catalog Search

To search the Barbara Roche, SL Library, one can:

  • Link directly to the Researcher function of the library catalog via
  • Use the basic smartsearch to search* the library catalog for any author (last name first!), title, subject, or keywords:

*Mobile users please note that the catalog will not open with results, but will open the mobile search box.  You can continue the same simple search at that point (boolean is not supported in mobile search).

To perform an advanced search (using AND, OR, AND NOT), begin with a simple search in the above Quick Catalog Search box.

Once the search is opened, click on the ampersand (&) symbol (as shown below) to open the additional functionality:

image of the ampersand link

The additional menu will then open allowing an advanced boolean or nested search:

Image of Advanced Search